Fog Bank & Olive Wood 2021 CASA Fundraiser

Fog Bank & Olive Wood 2021 CASA Fundraiser

Win this amazing piece of art!

Fog Bank Clothing Company & 
Olive Wood

are two local Del Norte County Companies that put a lot of value Into the Idea of COMMUNITY. Because of this, these two companies have collaborated on a project that will give 100% of the proceeds to CASA of Del Norte
CASA of Del Norte Is on a mission to support and assist children in the Juvenile Court process by providing well-trained volunteers to advocate objectively in the child’s best interest.
Raffle Details
Ticket prices $5.00
Start Date
Sunday, March 14th
End Date
Friday, April 2nd
Drawing Date
Saturday, April 3rd at 12:00 pm
How do I buy tickets?
1) Online ⬇️
2) In person at Fog Bank Clothing Company -Thursday/Friday 11:00am-5:00pm Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm  
275 L Street
Crescent City, California

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), a national volunteer movement, began in 1976. Its founder, Seattle Superior Court Judge David Soukup, decided he couldn’t endure any more sleepless nights worrying about the lifelong impact his decisions had on abused and neglected children.

At that time, children in foster care didn’t receive the same representation in court as parents did. According to Judge Soukup, in an LA Times interview, “I was consumed by the fact that I didn’t have enough information about each child, and I just didn’t know if I had done the very best job I could.”

Judge Soukup sets out to right this wrong.

He thought well-trained volunteers could ensure children’s voices were heard and provide judges with the necessary insight to make the best possible decisions.


CASA of Del Norte began as a dual county program with CASA of Humboldt as the parent organization. As a result of the encouragement of many community members including the Superior Court Judges, foster parents, the business community, and members of the Juvenile Justice Commission, the CASA program in Del Norte County began in the summer of 1997.

While the counties of Del Norte and Humboldt have many similarities, our communities are also separately unique. Recognizing this fact, a plan for separation of CASA of Del Norte and CASA of Humboldt began to take shape. In the fall of 2001, a Steering Committee was formed to develop and present a plan forming a separate local program in Del Norte County.

After many meetings, which included in-depth and sincere work on the part of the committee, CASA of Del Norte obtained 501 (c ) (3) status, obtained start-up funding, and began to operate as a separate program. Following the hiring of staff, the office opened on February 1, 2002.

CASA of Del Norte continues to grow and evolve based on both the needs and the strengths of the community. We invite you to join us – you can help to “lift up a child's voice.”

About Olive Wood

Hi, my name is Vanessa and I’m the face behind Olive Wood. 
I am 32 years old and have never had a hobby that I felt really fit me. I’ve had fun trying different creative avenues in the past, but nothing ever sparked a true passion. It wasn’t until I made my first wood piece that I knew this was something I was going to love for a long time, so much so, that after my first piece was done I went and got all my own tools (chop saw is now in my everyday vocabulary ). I was hooked. 
Having an outlet to create has been amazing in so many ways. I struggle with anxiety and this has been such a great way to channel my nervous energy into something positive. 
I never in a million years thought I would get so much positive feedback from my wood art, I can’t even begin to describe how lucky and grateful I feel every time someone asks for a custom piece or participates in a raffle. 
None of this would be possible without your support, so I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU! Thank you for helping me follow my passion and inspiring me to create. I love you all!

Find me on social media 
Instagram @olive.wood.designs
About Fog Bank Clothing Company

Fog Bank Clothing Company was founded in 2016. We believe in the power of community and the magic of a good story and feel that we are more than just a t-shirt company. Fog Bank Clothing designs and sells clothing inspired by the people, places, events, and legends of Del Norte County. We are on a mission to tell their stories. A portion from each sale benefits the community in the form of youth and adult sports sponsorships, scholarships, and donations.

Come Find Us
Instagram @FogBankClothing
Facebook @FogBankClothing

Store Address
275 L Street
Crescent City, CA 95531


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