What is a Fog Bank?

A weatherman might tell you that a Fog Bank is nothing more than a thick cloud of Fog over the ocean.

We see much more than that. 

Watching a Fog Bank roll into the coast is nothing short of magical. There is an awe inspiring power behind the Fog that keeps us coming back time and time again, 

If you've never witnessed a Fog Bank, we highly recommend it.

If during your first experience you get an eerie feeling, don't panic, this is completely normal. 



Where is Fog Bank Clothing Company located?

Fog Bank Clothing Company currently does not have an official brick & mortar location, but we are working on it. We call home Crescent City, California, located twenty miles from the Oregon border, right on the beach. Any further north, and you’ll be south! 


Where is Fog Bank Located?  


Can you personalize Fog Bank gear for me?

We can definitly personalize any Fog Bank gear you buy from us. Prices will vary.


 Is Bigfoot real?

If Bigfoot did not hide this gift certificate, then who did? Seems pretty real to us.