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Fastest Service

My kids were so excited that even though we ordered on a day they are normally closed, we got the order in a couple of hours! We love FogBank! Never miss an opportunity to support our local business 💕

Love my beanies!

We love our Fog Bank Ombre beanies! So warm and comfortable, not to mention they look we bought all 4 colors!

King BF T-Shirt
John Meyers
Amazing shirt! Amazing service! Fog Bank is the absolute best!

Amazing shirt! Amazing service! Fog Bank is the absolute best!

Fog Bank Spine Hoodie - Black
Nancy Pratt

My niece turned 13 and as a gift I sent her this, she is in LA and loves her hoodie!!! Mom shared with me that she wears it every day to school !!!!! She loves the design and the colors in it!! I’m so thankful I can share crescent city with her!! She came to visit last summer and loved the little town and fog bank products, she put her name in the chalkboard 😊. Thank you so much. Now days is so hard to find things that teens like ,I’m so thankful for your help with such a cool products again, thank you.

Great Hat!

Bought it for my buddy. He took it to Tennessee. It covered his head.

My new favorite hat

I bought the Grey BF Roam Patch Snapback Trucker Hat while on a road trip from So Cal. I love the cut on the front panel, the depth of the cap, the shape of the bill, the color scheme, and the cool Fog Bank logo. Most definitely my new favorite!

Spine Heavy-Weight Camo Zip
Eric M
Great Hoodie, Great Company

This is my fifth or sixth hoodie order from Fogbank. Every single one has been high quality, with durable graphics. The sizes are accurate, the materials are quality (virtually no shrinkage after washing) and the graphics don't wash out. On top of getting a solid product, this is a community-conscience business that gives a ton back to their community in a variety of ways. So you are not just getting a piece of clothing, you are also supporting a small coastal community that needs all the help they can get.

Fog Bank Spine Hoodie - WOMEN'S Zip
Kim Haban
Women’s hoodie

Love my new hoodie, fast service awesome inventory can’t wait for the fall releases 👍🏻

Coffee mug

I filled the mug with hot coffee the first time, and it cracked from bottom to top. So, I tossed it and was just happy to have supported a local business anyway.

King BF Crew Black Tie-Dye/ Reflective
Ginny Townsend-Prothero
Absolutely Love

I got this in the mail this week and it feels so nice to represent a part of home here in the state of Wisconsin! Definitely miss CC/ Ocean/Redwoods and of course the Smith River. Thank you for this amazing sweatshirt. Now my kids want to get one.

King BF Socks
Celia Perez

King BF Socks

The roam crew is super cute-even bought a second one for a friend. Fog Bank has great customer service-very happy with the whole experience.

CCFB Ring Hoodie
Daria Bigham
Great Hoodie

Love the quality of the hoodie. The are durable and minimal fading.

Keyhole '21
Denise Green
Best clothing in Crescent City

The staff is wonderful, the clothing is the softest I've ever felt and their shop is neat and clean. This is a must see.

Keyhole '21
Kalene Hohman
Love it

It’s my favorite so far. Love the color, design and fit

CCFB Youth Hoodie
Douglas C Dawson
A favorite business...

CCFB is one of my favorite businesses. It’s the place to go for the best quality sweatshirts, hoodies, hats and other cool items. The graphics and color choices are awesome. Check it out and while you’re there say hello to Joe, Tom, and Dan who are super friendly and available to help you and answer your questions. The FogBank store is a great asset to the community.

Keyhole '21
Love the Keyhole 21 Hoodie

Amazing quality, service, and prices!

Keyhole '21
Brad J Milkowski

Amazing service like always

Love it

I have several of your hoodies and they are awesome. I send everyone to you guys!! 🤘

Present for granddaughter

My granddaughter absolutely loves this, and she is very picky! Came in looking for a sweatshirt and left with sweats, shorts, a shirt and cups! One of my favorite local places to shop.

King BF Tie-Dye Hoodie
Edith Headley Headley

The young lady I gave it to she was very happy to get it....

CCFB Ring Crop Top
Wendy Waterman
Love getting my fogbank deliveries!

My daughter loves her new crop hoody and it fits her perfectly. Well made and will buy again in more colors as they become available. Also loved my new windbreaker. Little large but I like it that way. Will definitely buy again. Even though we aren’t local anymore, we will always continue to support my hometown. ❤️

JJ Hill
Adventure in Eastern Oregon

We love the shirts! These are perfect for filming in the summer heat! The cast and crew have plundered the goods we received and can’t wait to share photos. Just have to get awesome ones! Thanks Fog Bank

King BF- Legend Hoodie
Edith Headley Headley

I bought this as a gift for a good friend of mine...He loves it