The Twelve Days of Finding Fog Bank

The Twelve Days of Finding Fog Bank has returned for 2019!! 

Fog Bank Clothing Company is dedicating six of "The Twelve Days of finding Fog Bank" to giving back to Del Norte County. Donate to a worthy cause and be entered in a drawing to win some Fog Bank Clothing Gear. 

On December 20th, check our social media for clues to where Bigfoot will be hiding gift certificates for Fog Bank gear!! 


Overview of Community Giving 

How to play 

Donating to a Del Norte County Community Cause 

Step #1

Print out the Community Name Giving Form. (This form can be used for three donations)  

The Twelve Days of Finding Fog Bank Community Name Giving Form 

Step #2 

Pick a donation from our list 

Step #3 

Put the donations in a bag and attach the community name form. 

Step #4 

Deliver donations 

Step #5 (Optional) 

Make a post in the comments section of the video associated with your donation and brag about supporting the community of Del Norte County. 


Scavenger Hunt - Finding Fog Bank 

December 20th Bigfoot will start hiding stuff!! 

Step #1  

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram

Step #2

Look for our posts starting on December 20th to where Bigfoot is hiding stuff 

Step #3 

Go Find Fog Bank